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  Audio Milhouse  
Bart: "Well we're having the best spring break of our lives and we don't need you around nerding it up."

Milhouse: "That job is taken!"

job.wav 142kb

Milhouse: "My mom says I'm the handsomest guy in school!"

handsome.wav 52kb

Milhouse: "Hey Bart, check out my new earring, pretty cool huh?"
Bart: "Milhouse, my mom wears earrings - do you think she's cool?"
Milhouse: "No! I think she's hot!"

hot.wav 88kb

Milhouse: "Remember the time when he ate my goldfish, and you lied to me and said I never had any goldfish? But why'd I have the bowl Bart? Why did I have the bowl?"

milfish.wav 203kb

Milhouse: "Take that Mom! Take that Dad! Send me to a psychiatrist, will you? Take that Dr. Sally Waxler!"

take.wav 101kb

Milhouse: "Well look, I got some cool pogs. Alf pogs. Remember Alf? He's back - in pog form."

pogs.wav 85kb




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