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  Milhouse Van Houten  




Although considered by many a peripheral character, Milhouse Van Houten is the heart and soul of The Simpsons.

He is the everyman. Bullied by oafs, rejected by women, a victim of a broken home - Milhouse still manages to look for the bright places. His feet may be wet, but his cuffs are bone dry. Everything's coming up Milhouse!

It is a wearying task to sketch the turmoil and heartache of this tortured hero; this being said, his situation in life is no better described than in his own poignant words during a potentially violent confrontation with a Shelbyville boy.

Milhouse: Is this the untimely end of Milhouse?

Boy: [pause] But Milhouse is my name!

Milhouse: But I thought I was the only one!

Boy: [shakes head] A pain I know all too well.

Milhouse: So this is what it feels like...when doves cry.



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